Development Justice

Social Justice & Community Development

Community Development Programmes, facilitated by BCI, address the needs of communities affected by social injustices. The focus is on equipping these communities with knowledge to understand and address their challenges, ensuring support for fair governance practices, free from partisan affiliations.

Ethical Research

Ethical Framework for projects

Our researchers are committed to upholding the highest moral and ethical standards, ensuring that all research methods are conducted with integrity and accountability.

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Self Determination

Autonomy in decision making

We pride ourselves on being equipped with skills such as goal setting, problem solving, and decision-making which serves to enhance self-determination/enable communities to enhance and strengthen their decision-making processes and to engage with external parties.

Sustainable Development

Bringing environmental issues to light

Sustainable development stands as a guiding principle, focusing on meeting current needs while safeguarding future generations' ability to meet theirs. It promotes a balance between immediate progress and the enduring stewardship of resources.