Development of the Bio-Cultural Community Protocol in Melangkap with (JBBM) Melangkap Communities, Sabah State Government (NRO and SaBC), NRE and UNDP.

The Melangkap Protocol fosters community development and promotes understanding of Access and Benefit-Sharing (ABS) along with traditional, sustainable biodiversity practices. It delves into critical areas such as the interconnection between indigenous wisdom and 


eco-friendly customs, the methods communities utilise to disseminate their ecological knowledge and innovations, and the influences of local dynamics, resources, plus legal and policy structures on the preservation and transmission of this traditional knowledge.


By examining key issues, the initiative equips the Melangkap community with the means to clearly communicate the necessary engagement and support strategies to government agencies, ensuring the continuation of their customary sustainable use of biodiversity and the protection of their traditional knowledge. Additionally, it enables the community to define the terms and recognise the intrinsic values that should guide the sharing of their traditional knowledge and biodiversity with both commercial and non-commercial users.



Melangkap Community


1 Year

Continued and ongoing



Provide expertise to develop Melangkap Community Protocol

Streamlining Melangkap Protocol to the needs of collaborators in the form of a benefit and sharing programme