About Us

We are a social & environmental based organisation

Our Team

We are a social enterprise based in Sabah. We assist our clients by offering services linked to both social and environmental development  (social-economics, policy, culture, climate and health – separated into points). We specialise in conducting diagnostic analysis (legal, policy, institutional and governance) thereby creating scalable solutions that are pragmatic and workable/feasible on the ground.


Helping our clients achieve sustainable outcomes is what drives us. We take a non-partisan approach to smart governance, supplying analysis and advising decision makers on key issues. We are solution-focused and obtain results that protect natural systems whilst benefitting society as a whole. We work on sustainable solutions with scalable opportunities.

Communities and Environment

Since its establishment in July 2011, BCI has worked on several projects including but not limited to community engagement, oil palm industry particularly the Roundtable Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), local communities social-economics and even offered its services for free on Native Customary Rights and land issues for impoverished communities.

Who are we?


We are a team united by our experience in making a positive impact on the environment and in our communities. We came together with a simple goal: to do things differently and better for our clients. Today, we are a close-knit group of skilled freelancers, dedicated to understanding and meeting the needs of those we work with.

Our History


Our foundation was laid in the wake of observing the inefficiencies of large, well-funded NGOs and the struggles of under-resourced ones. We envisioned an inclusive organisation that strikes a balance between savvy business practices and the altruistic spirit of a non-profit. This blend allows us to operate effectively, ensuring we can provide meaningful and lasting contributions without being driven by profit alone.

Where Are We From?


While we do have members from different countries and Malaysian states, our company was founded in Sabah, Malaysia.

What We Do?


With the primary focus on communities and their environment, we strive to work on social justice by instilling understanding of basic human rights at the ground level.

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