About Us

We are a social enterprise

As a social enterprise, profit is not our primary motivation although revenue is essential for the sustainability of our programmes. It is this idea of sustainable revenue that differentiates us from traditional NGOs that rely on external funding. Our priority is to reinvest a percentage of all fees obtained from consultancies into our social programmes rather than fund payouts to shareholders. Our social enterprise is highly participatory with all stakeholders actively involved.

Our team

A driven team for programmes/projects

We are a social enterprise based in Sabah. We assist our clients by offering services linked to both social and environmental development, i.e. social-economics, policy, culture, climate and health. We specialise in conducting diagnostic analysis (legal, policy, institutional and governance) thereby creating scalable solutions that are pragmatic and workable/feasible on the ground.

Our Work

We are a social and environmental based organisation established in July 2011. With the primary focus on communities and their environment, we provide consultancy services to a wide range of clients in these areas:

  • Design of Policies/Frameworks (Socio-economics, policy, culture, climate, health)
  • Diagnostic Analysis (legal, policy institutional & governance)
  • Awareness Development
  • Facilitate engagement
  • Conducting training
  • Community engagement
  • Conflict Prevention
  • Mediation Services

Over the years, we have engaged with communities in developing community protocols and in the process, ensuring these principles or values are adhered to:

  • Good Governance
  • Participation of women in decision making processes
  • Sustainable use of resources
  • Understanding their land rights and developmental rights
  • 3D-Mapping, 2D-Mapping
  • Understanding on Ethnobiotic Knowledge
  • Preserving traditional and cultural systems