List of projects
BC Initiative undertook more than a dozen projects and activities since 2011.

01.Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis (TDA)

Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis (TDA) for the Sulu Sulawesi Marine Ecoregion under the UNDP – Sustainable Fisheries Management Project and Strategic Action Programme (SAP) of the Sulu-Celebes Sea, Large Marine Ecoregion under the Coral Triangle Initiative with CI-Philippines and UNDP. BCI was the Country (Malaysian (Legal) Technical Task Team for the Department of Fisheries.


Institutional and governance policy paper for REDD++ for Climate Focus.

03.Renewable Energy

Biomass policy recommendations for renewable energy in Sabah with See Performance Engineering.

04.Sustainable Farming

Sustainable farming for impoverished rural communities focusing in Kota Belud, Kota Marudu and Pitas.

05.Consultancy on NCR

Pro bono consultancy work on Native Customary Rights and land issues for impoverished communities.

06.Human Rights in Plantations

Legal/governance work on Human Rights issues in Plantations with Sabah Environmental Protection Association.

07.Sabah Bio-Cultural Law Project

Sabah Bio-Cultural Law Project (implementation conducted by BCI) with the Crocker Range Communities, UNDP and Sabah Biodiversity Centre.

08.Social entry

Social entry protocol for FHI360.

09.Community Protocol

Provide expertise to Melangkap Community to develop Melangkap Community Protocol

10.PREDICT HUMAN-ANIMAL contact survey

Ethical Research and Community Survey for Eco-Health Alliance on PREDICT HUMAN-ANIMAL contact survey. (Kinabatangan and Telupid)

11.Grievance Mechanisms

RSPO-Review of Grievance Mechanisms.

12.Technical Expertise

Provided Technical Expertise on Land, Environmental, Labour and Social (Communities) Governance Systems to ASI - Accreditation Services International.

13.RSPO Certification Process

Social and environmental aspects of RSPO Certification processes.

14.FPIC Process for WWF Malaysia

FPIC process for WWF Malaysia to determine drivers and dependency of hunting and wildlife trade with the forest for adjacent communities in Nabawan

15.Pitas Self-Determination Project

Pitas Self-Determination Bio-community Project, GEF SGP UNDP, SEPA and G6 implemented by BCI.

16.Bio-Community Project in Long Pasia and Long Mio

Bio-community Project in Long Pa Sia and Long Mio, UNDP GEF, SaBC, NRO (Sabah State) and NRE (Federal), facilitated by BCI.

17.Conservation Mapping For New Protected Areas In Sabah

Conservation Mapping For New Protected Areas In Sabah Partnering with Rainforest Trust , SFD, SEARRP and PACOS to ensure FPIC is prioritised in the gazettement of New Protected Areas (1 million acres – State Commitment).

18.RSPO Outreach Programme

Partnering with SEPA in implementing Malaysia RSPO Outreach Program (3 regions).

19.Ethical Research

Ethical Research and data collection on Palm Oil Fresh Fruit Bunches for a Belgium Based Company.