On-the-Ground FPIC Services – A Genuine Commitment to Communities

At BC Initiative, we’re deeply committed to the rights and well-being of local and indigenous communities. Our on-the-ground experience in implementing Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) processes stems, from working with communities and the environment they inhabit. Our team prioritises direct engagement with communities to foster long-lasting relationships based on mutual trust and respect.

Our key strength in FPIC has been built on numerous successful collaborations with reputed clients such as SaBC, SFD, PACOS, SEARRP, RSPO, FHI, EHA. We have also worked together with various banks focusing on their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policies.

 Our FPIC experience encompasses:

  • In-partnership with communities and government agencies (SaBC, Sabah Parks, Ministry of Natural Resources) (Melangkap – 2011; G6 Communities in Pitas -2015; G5 Communities in Sapulot, Nabawan – 2021) building Community Protocols in accordance to the CBD and Nagoya Protocol, where FPIC is an essential part.
  • RSPO Training for Growers: BC Initiative has worked hand-in-hand with the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) in delivering comprehensive training to growers. Our in-depth knowledge of FPIC has empowered them with the skills needed to engage with local and indigenous communities, ensuring sustainable and ethical practices in the palm oil industry.
  • FPIC Consultation for FHI and EHA: BC Initiative has partnered with Family Health International 360 (FHI) and EcoHealth Alliance (EHA) on projects concerning zoonotic diseases. Together with our partners, we have successfully managed to navigate intricate stakeholder relationships, resolve conflicts, and cultivate meaningful dialogue with local communities.
  • FPIC Engagement Plan for Sabah Forest Dept. (SFD): In-partnership with PACOS, to develop an engagement plan to ensure FPIC was conducted according to international standards for SFD in their process for increasing protected areas in Sabah from 21% to 30%.
  • RSPO Training for Industry and Stakeholders: BC Initiative has provided essential FPIC training to diverse stakeholders in the palm oil industry, ensuring that businesses adhere to RSPO’s sustainability standards and understand the importance of engaging with indigenous communities in a respectful and transparent manner.
  • ESGs for Banks: Recognising the increasing significance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors in the banking sector, BC Initiative has assisted banks in effectively integrating FPIC processes into their ESG frameworks, ultimately promoting responsible lending and investment practices.

Due to years of experience in dealing with communities, BC Initiative has gained valuable insights and profound understanding of the realities on the ground. The FPIC processes and methodologies are designed in-house by our team of consultants and tailored to each project, which allows us to implement FPIC effectively with local and indigenous communities. By prioritising dialogue, mutual respect, and transparency, we ensure that the rights and interests of all stakeholders are upheld.

By providing our services to clients, BCI brings both experience and knowledge to deliver on-the-ground positive impactful results. We ensure that international standards of the FPIC requirements are adhered to during implementation of projects.

When FPIC is conducted thoroughly and in a proper manner, adapted to the realities on the ground, it becomes the critical success factor for projects involving local and indigenous communities. This greatly reduces formalised grievances that may take years to overcome for all parties.

Our FPIC Process: A Dynamic, Experience-Based Approach

BC Initiative’s 12-step FPIC roadmap provides a clear, structured approach to engaging with local and indigenous communities. Recognising the unique challenges and opportunities of each project, our dynamic, experience-based process can be tailored to suit specific needs. We emphasise open dialogue, respect, and transparency, ensuring all stakeholders’ rights and interests are upheld. Our adaptable FPIC process effectively addresses each context’s complexities.

Below are some of our carefully crafted steps we undertake to ensure a successful and meaningful engagement with local and indigenous communities.